Easily install on your Fire TV Device!

  1. Go in to settings and turn on the install from unknown sources option
  2. Download and install the app called Downloader from the amazon app store.
  3. Open Downloader
  4. Click on BROWSER on the left side of the screen.(This has to be performed or the links will not work)
  5. Click in the address bar at the top and delete everything.
  6. Enter the corresponding download URL that we have posted on the pages for the service you are subscribing to. The URL needs to be entered exactly the same or they will not work.
  7. Once the URL is entered, press enter and the app should download.
  8. Once downloaded you can install the app and log in with your subscription credentials.
  9. Please use the contact us page or respond to the email sent with your user information if you need assistance.

You have chosen the best provider for your IPTV needs! Please make sure you select the correct service when you subscibe. Each service is completely different and requires it's own app. Thank You. Dismiss