Use the new Best Subs Reloaded app on your android device to use Best Hosting and Unity-X on the same app. Each Service requires it’s own subscription.

Download on our filelinked with code 48215198.

Download on the Totvbox APK Collection App in the Subs section the app is Thebestiptvsubs_reloaded1.1.apk.

Download with link

Best Hosting for all android devices, can use on Apple too with the Smarters app

How to download, install, and log in to Best Hosting.

  1. Download and install Smarters or Smarters Pro on your device.
  2. Using Smarters Pro. Download with link
  3. click on +add user
  4. Click Login with Xtream Codes API
  5. Give the User a name
  6. Enter your username
  7. Enter your password
  8. In the line that says “” you need to enter
  9. Click Add User
  10. Click your user you created and begin watching.
  1. For the regular IPTV Smarters app. Download with link 
  2. Enter your username
  3. Enter your password
  4. In the line that says “” you need to enter

For android devices open your browser & enter the above url for the version you want.

Once installed use your service login details to log into the app
You can see your login details by viewing the Thank You email you receive after subscribing.
If you have playback issues go into settings/player selection & select a different player
To update your epg go to top right corner you will see refresh epg
If you find the app after some time stuck on updating channels and vod go to your application manager & clear data
Then log back in

Best Hosting stb portal


Siptv playlist upload site



You have chosen the best provider for your IPTV needs! Please make sure you select the correct service when you subscibe. Each service is completely different and requires it's own app. Thank You. Dismiss